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Urban Gardening

Savoury Eats Kitchen

Savoury Eats was a shipping container kitchen that brought a globally inspired menu locally to an

award-winning brewery, Due South Brewery in Boynton Beach, South Florida. We provide the convenience of online ordering and utilize a worldwide currency like Bitcoin.

During our 2.5-year partnership, Savoury Eats Kitchen found sustainable ways to integrate up-cycling, or creative reuse, into its daily operations with our brand new mobile restaurant, built from a recycled shipping container. Our ultimate goal is to deliver phenomenal services and delectable food items while contributing to the environmental value of living green.​

Savoury Eats Signature Menu

Most food establishments keep to a static menu day in and day out. Savoury Eats Kitchen was located outside of Due South Brewing in Boyton Beach offering a weekly rotating menu while keeping fan favorites daily. To elevate our savory flavors, we used Duck Fat for all fried foods including our signature french fries served with homemade blue cheese aioli.

Looking for a chill spot to host your next party? We've got the beer, the food, and the space! Savoury Eats Shipping Container Kitchen offered personalized menus tailored to your budget and full of flavorful dishes at the brewery. Have SE cater the next party, celebration, or event at Due South Brewing as your venue.​


Savoury Eats Accolades

Savoury Eats Kitchen has won the hearts of food lovers in South Florida from food truck festivals to breweries.

While we are still working on a food concept located in Greensboro, North Carolina, rest assured Savoury Eats is dedicated to bringing a rotating menu offering locally sourced ingredients and sustainable operations.

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Savoury Eats Kitchen uses the finest and freshest ingredients

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