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Meet Royal of Savoury Eats

Royal Gunter of Savoury Eats

Born and Raised in Atlanta, GA. I always knew I want to be a Chef bc I was drawn to the fire, and I was a chunky kid who liked to eat. The two went hand in hand, I felt like it was destiny, lol. I went to Culinary School at the age of 17 and slowly worked my way up the ranks through my ventures in Fine Dining, Private Country Clubs, Corporate Dining and Catering, Traveling Chef Trainer, and Private Medical facilities recently.

I have lived in a few States throughout the Country and have trained chefs throughout via my previous tenure with Bon Appetit management company (BAMCO) as a traveling chef and have been blessed to work with Master Chefs, James Beard award-winning Chefs, award-winning food, stylist, and some Celebrity Chefs at times.

After opening and operating a food truck for BAMCO in Seattle, and gaining great press and exposure, I decided to open one when I moved to the area. I opened a truck bc I loved the freedom from a certain location, the awesome guest interactions, and having the ability to be spontaneous and adventurous with the menu on my own dime.

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