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Gourmet grilled cheese hits the streets

Croque-Madame by Monte Cristo Food Truck in Seattle
Monte Cristo by Monte Cristo Food Truck in Seattle

​The cheesiness starts with the Grafton cheddar/ New Moon jack/ gruyere Classic on Macrina brioche w/ spiced blueberry au jus; a "Full Monte” w/ Canadian bacon on battered Cinnamon-swirl bread; and the Samish Bay Shout Out that's either something like "repping Chuckanut Dr., son!" or a sandwich w/ cocoa-dusted aged Ladysmith, gouda & peach-jalapeño chutney. And if you're tired of eating cocoa dust, there's the over-the-top Big Messy Madness, which is what you call Corliss Williamson when he takes down duck confit, taleggio, fontina, & mozzarella topped w/ braised greens, lemon aioli, Deluxe Foods gingered rhubarb jam & cracklins... without a napkin.

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